Discover and participate

Who we are is a project of the non-profit association luccinas e.V., in Berlin, focused on art and environment. In our project we are supported by volunteer participating citizens and international students. We cooperate with companies in Germany, who advise us and take over the large works.

How we make it happen is managed together with assistants and consultants by Atelier Okonek. In recent years, the owner expanded her spectrum in a three-year continuing education as a guest student at the TU Berlin, in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.

Our goals has set itself the goal of encouraging citizens to get involved in preserving an environment worth living in. By providing information and instructions on how to get involved, we raise awareness of environmental issues, address relevant topics on our own doorstep and place them in a broader context. This can give rise to ideas on how each individual can consciously and actively take action for their environment.

What we do

Our goal is to make people aware of their own responsibility for the environment by helping them to understand interrelationships. In practice, we accompany residents to participate with joy as in the maintenance of public green spaces and the tree population.Since 2014, we have been working with Berliners in the streets of Charlottenburg. This work is also very close to our hearts.

In addition to our work on the street, interested people can get information about environmental issues on our website. The website is still in the development phase and is constantly being expanded. Flyers complement our actions. In a later phase there will be art projects with environmental content.

Our work