Matters we recognize, but often don’t know how they work


The supply cycle of trees

Water is one of the most important components for the supply of an organism, regardless of whether it is an animal, a human being, or a plant. What role does the water play for the trees?

Why are the trees white?

A project in April 2021

The whitening of tree trunks is an ancient tradition. We used this knowledge in our project to simultaneously protect the tree and create a visual change in the space to attract fresh attention. Why?

Leaves emit moisture

The tree maintains its supply cycle via tiny apertures in the leaves called stomata, which open and close as required.

Magnolie, Bäume sterben langsam

Trees die slowly

28 March 2021

Trees are often valued for their production of oxygen and absorption of carbon dioxide.
But that is only part of the story.

The carbon cycle

Global circular systems in context

Various circulatory systems in our environment, the exchange information. They constantly react to one another in order to return to equilibrium.
What happens when a cycle is modified in the long term?

The tree

Its eco performance in the city

Trees are part of our daily life, we see them averywhere.
Do they influence our city life?

Ginkgo Baum im Herbst, Charlottenburg

The Ginkgo

A tree in the streets of Charlottenburg

Is the Ginkgo is medicinal plant that existed during the Ice Age, a temple tree with edible fruit seeds, or a tree that drops for European noses foul-smelling fruit and pollutes sidewalks and cars in the fall?

River without pollution

Nature out of balance

Human impact on nature

If you change one part of a system, it changes all. Examples that drastically change the equilibrium of our planet’s systems.