Frequently asked questions

How can I make a donation ?

You can donate with Paypal via the displayed green buttons when clicking this Donation Form. Without a Paypal account secure credit card transfers are also valid via these buttons. Or you transfer to our account number indicated there.

What happens with my donation?

We are only a small group in the organization. We can therefore spend your donation for the most part for material and sporadically co-operating, specialized companies such as tree appraisers, arborist. A small part is used for overhead costs in order to maintain the support association luccinas e.V. and the project

What can I do to help?

We are happy about everyone who wants to participate in our idea.

You can support us with a Donation with a single contribution or a standing order, everything helps to be able to continue our work.

The very direct way: water the trees. Ideally, once a week with 60-80 liters of water. That’s 8-10 watering cans or 8 min with the hose.

Keep the soil clean and do not walk on it. The trees will thank you for it.


How to contact us ?

We are happy to receive your ideas or questions. The best way to do so is to write to us via the contact form (please click on the word contact form). We are still a small team and we are all working full-time. Our time is seldom sufficient, therefore you can reach us at the moment only over the voice mail, we will get back to you then.