In Balance

Touch one part and everything moves

In equilibrium

Interconnected systems react to each other.

Left to its own rules and time frame, nature will always continue its complex processes in relative balance.
The effects multiply when a strong impact changes a component or even an entire
system of nature over a long period.
A collapse is inevitable.


Examples of imbalance

Source: J.Gustavsson et al.,2015, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation.
Updated May 2022 by

Food waste

Overproduction and loss

According to calculations, more than one-third of edible food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted worldwide.

Additionally, disposal costs, and all invested resources such as production materials, equipment used, working hours, land use, and transportation costs are also lost.

One solution is to stop overproduction and waste, instead of going on to produce even more than we already do.

Source: J.Gustavsson et al.,2015, aktualisiert, Mai 2022 von

Population growth – consumption

Acceleration of global development dynamics
1720 – 2020

During this time, the development of new natural resources led to economic growth and a significant increase in population.

This industrial revolution began in England between 1750 and 1850, and by 1850, social consumption per inhabitant had increased tenfold. Later on, the construction of the railroad and the new possibilities for production significantly boosted the country’s economy in Germany as well. Therefore, these are considered key to industrialization.

Source: J.Gustavsson et al.,2015, updated May 2022 by

Socio-economic trends

The Growth of Population and Acceleration of Economic Development
from 1790 to 2020

Making natural resources accessible and developing fast methods of production and transportation created more jobs, especially in urban areas. The economic system changed, and new industries emerged.

Alongside the linear production, consumption, and usage of goods, the destruction of natural resources increased enormously. The persons responsible did not take the consequences into account for a long time.